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Positive healthcare cultures have three key components. Informed staff. Effective, interactive instruction. High employee and patient engagement.

Our three solutions help you inform your staff, bring classroom interactions online, and engage your staff and patients. So you can focus on what you do best. Healing your community.


internal communications * network announcements * knowledge transfer libraries

You have something important to share. You also want to make sure your staff -and only your staff- is listening.
Inform is a knowledge base designed to make communication between you and your staff easy- and completely secure.
engaging videos
interactive player
secure platform

client examples: inform

life sciences company

An international life sciences company uses inform as an intranet-integrated knowledge base for internal training and physician training videos.

healthcare network

A nationally-recognized healthcare network uses inform to securely share executive announcements, strategy updates, and employee achievements with their growing, widely-dispersed workforce of over 120,000.


new-employee onboarding * nurse training * continuing medical education

Interactive instruction is possible in online learning. Interact is a cost-effective way to bring the classroom experience to your learners, no matter where they might be.
Engage your learners with in-video quizzes, tests, and discussion threads. Give your instructors access to one-on-one tutoring tools and real-time insight through per-user analytics. Watch your staff interact with course material - and apply what they’ve learned to their workplace.
engaging videos
interactive player
secure platform
course management tools

client examples: interact

medical school

A medical school needed more learning time for surgical interns. Viddler integrated interact with the school’s DaVinci surgical robot to capture and upload videos of each intern practicing with the machine.  Through interact, attending doctors can provide valuable feedback on each intern’s video, and interns can review each other’s performances too.

hospital network

A large, multi-site hospital network uses interact for: patient-centered care training, security training, software training (Office 365, EHR), management systems, patient post-op training, and device training.



post-M&A culture vacuum * social media marketing * employee engagement

Engage your staff and market to potential new patients with one easy, cost-effective program.

sustainable engagement
We create engagement that only grows over time. Our clients have achieved up to 76% engagement rates a year after starting our program.
Engaged staff lead to more patient referrals. In fact- at our client hospitals, 20% of staff voluntarily share marketing videos on their personal social media. A handful of patient referrals will pay for the entire program.  
Our three-step engagement program keeps care providers motivated.


High-impact videos share your hospital's success stories.


Our platform tracks which employees watch and share inspiring content.


Engaged employees automatically earn credits toward rewards

an engage testimonial from
St. Luke's University Health Network

engaging videos
interactive player
secure platform
rewards center


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