Keeping employees on the same page can be tough. 

When you work for a small company, it’s relatively easy to get to know all of your coworkers and build a bond. As your company grows, keeping those tight knit relationships requires more effort. When your organization has thousands of employees, it’s nearly impossible to know everyone. This inevitably becomes a key challenge for larger companies. It’s also a common struggle for companies of any size who incorporate remote work.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Cultivating authentic relationships increases unity and trust; factors which ultimately support better employee retention. 

Another challenge not to be overlooked is as an organization grows, it becomes less likely for staff to feel involved in the company’s mission.

It’s possible that you are already attempting to communicate with your team through a newsletter or an employee section on your intranet. But is this really enough? Are you seeing true engagement this way?

There is a better way to boost the effectiveness of your internal communications: Staff Spotlight Videos.

Can you think of a few exceptional team members who go above and beyond? Feature them in a staff spotlight video, then share that video internally. This is a more impactful and authentic way to honor those fantastic employees. You’ll have the added benefit of promoting how your brand’s values are being lived out. Crucially, you’ll be connecting employees who were otherwise disconnected or working in silos. 

Viddler’s clients have reported their employees saying: 

  • “I’ve worked here for years, and have gotten to learn more about my coworkers in the past few months because of these videos.”
  • “It’s great to see real examples of the care we aspire to give to our patients embodied” 
  • “It makes me feel proud to work here”

In addition to viewing an organization’s webpage, most employees use social media, and many are familiar with YouTube and TikTok. Discover their preferences and communicate with them in the way they prefer.

When you’re ready to start creating, here are a few tips for effective staff spotlight videos: 

  1. Make it punchy. Keep it succinct, fun, and inspiring.
  2. Make it authentic. Staff will see right through something disingenuous.
  3. Make it a regular feature. Share one internally, at least every 2-3 weeks.

Make it punchy: 

  • Keep it to 3 minutes or less.
  • Incorporate upbeat music and utilize basic editing.

Make it authentic:

  • Capture the person’s own words, unscripted, through a video interview.
  • Capture feedback from coworkers to explain why the individual featured is an asset to the organization.

Make it a regular feature: 

  • Share videos ideally once every week, but no less than once a month.

Do employee spotlight videos have your wheels turning? There’s more. Learn about connecting with your employees via Viddler’s innovative and multifaceted engagement platform at