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Code Rush

Uploaded on Jun 17, 2008 / 28038 views / 514326 impressions / 70 comments



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Description's annotated version of Code Rush, David Winton's documentary covering the first release of Netscape source code in 1998, the foundation of the Mozilla project. In July 2009, Winton...

More's annotated version of Code Rush, David Winton's documentary covering the first release of Netscape source code in 1998, the foundation of the Mozilla project. In July 2009, Winton relicensed the film under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
You may also enjoy my Where Are They Now? roundup of key players in the film and my interview with the director.
"From March 1998 to April 1999, an independent documentary film crew followed a team of software engineers at Netscape as they lived through a watershed moment in the brief history of their company and the Internet."




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beee 0:44

Sep 15, 2012

jwz quote: "Code itself is the underlying thing that makes computers work. Why is it important to the world? It’s because it’s the blood of the organism that’s our culture now. It makes everything go."

waxpancake 45:04

Jun 30, 2008

Chris Hofmann

waxpancake 19:51

Jun 28, 2008

Don Melton

waxpancake 43:12

Jun 19, 2008

jwz on the long-term impact of open-sourcing Mozilla

krosaen 0:35

Jun 17, 2008

Google HQ (was SGI at the time)

waxpancake 54:52

Jun 17, 2008

Increasing volatility in the market

waxpancake 54:42

Jun 17, 2008

Microsoft loses the antitrust case

waxpancake 54:18

Jun 17, 2008

The Mozilla balloon

waxpancake 50:41

Jun 17, 2008

Stuart Parmenter's Netscape job interview

waxpancake 50:16

Jun 17, 2008

"Mo-zil-la Lives!"

waxpancake 49:00

Jun 17, 2008

Scott Collins stayed at Netscape, continuing to commute from Michigan

waxpancake 47:12

Jun 17, 2008

Michael Toy leaves

waxpancake 46:35

Jun 17, 2008

Jim Roskind promoted to Netscape's highest engineering rank

waxpancake 45:47

Jun 17, 2008

Jamie Zawinski leaves Netscape

waxpancake 44:32

Jun 17, 2008

Tara leaves

waxpancake 41:37

Jun 17, 2008

Netscape all-hands announcing the AOL acquisition

waxpancake 38:36

Jun 17, 2008

The infamous Netscape Fish Tank

waxpancake 37:19

Jun 17, 2008

jwz on stock options

waxpancake 34:41

Jun 17, 2008

Benjamyn Collins, Scott's son

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