Hiring and onboarding regularly – but not quite ready for a full blown HR management console?


An established U.S. based virtual learning firm serving the life sciences, chose Viddler to streamline their own internal hiring process.

Hiring: fast and simple

Leading Edge Training Solutions revolutionizes their hiring process and reduces travel time and costs.



LETS recently needed to hire another full-time person, possessing extensive virtual learning and video production experience. The right person would be managing a large and growing technology client in Seattle, WA. Picking the right person from a pool of 115 video professionals 2,800 miles away, could have been a daunting task. LETS relied on Viddler’s ability to asynchronously schedule, record, annotate, and share the ranked interviews internally.

As with training, the video interview captured much more than a written resume and phone calls. Out of the 115 resumes, LETS narrowed the field, twice utilizing video enabled staff Q&A interviews and survey questions before finally selecting the right candidate.

LETS plans to use the Viddler system for all future hiring interviews. More importantly, it will also deploy the Video Training Suite as an integral part of its training and coaching practice.

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