V11 Using a Dialog Component as an Alternate Editing View of a Record in a Grid Part 2

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D28 Alpha Five v11 Dialog alt editing view 2

If you have a lot of columns in an updatable Grid, it can be cumbersome to scroll horizontally when editing data in the Grid. In this video, we show how a Dialog Component can be used to edit the data in the grid row. A button can be inserted into the grid row. When the button is clicked, the Dialog Component is opened and the current data in the grid row is filled into the Dialog. The user can then continue editing in the Dialog and then click an Update button, which closes the Dialog and fills in the controls in the row in the Grid that is being edited. You can toggle instantly between the Grid view and the Dialog view of the data (Contrast the behavior in this video with that of video D24. In D24, the Dialog is more than just an alternate editing view - it is responsible for saving the edits to the database. In this video, the Dialog is not responsible for saving data to the database - it is merely an alternate view of the data you are editing).
(Requires build 3834 or above)


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