Wii 7" Monitor

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http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/Wii-7inch-Monitor__EF000557.aspx 7 inch monitor for Nintendo Wii clips onto the side of your console giving it a built-in screen! It’s perfectly styled to match your console, has a crystal-clear LCD screen and comes with a FREE car adapter!7” Monitor has a built-in sensor bar, so there’s no need to lug the one supplied with your Wii around with you. It also offers two built-in speakers with an adjustable volume switch. Alternatively, plug in your earphones to play without disturbing the room.Watch in actionFor gaming on the move, it comes with a FREE car adapter worth £9.99. With the addition of the car adapter, your Wii and 7” Monitor becomes totally mobile, as it already boasts an in-built sensor bar.Wii 7" Monitor is suitable for use on any flat surface. You can fold it down to protect the screen when not in use, and you can tilt it back to find a comfortable viewing angle.• Wii not included.Features * Includes FREE Car Adapter worth £9.99. * 7" LCD screen. * Styled to match your console. * Built-in sensor bar. * Two built-in speakers. * Adjustable volume. * Earphone socket. * Only compatible with consoles bought prior to 2008


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