Sea Our Life Coast Our Right

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Sea Our Life, Coast Our Right is campaign launched by Fisher Folk communities across the coast in 2007 acroos Andhra Pradesh. Communities fought against forcible displacement due to government’s neo liberal policies that brought in Special Economic Zones, oil refineries, private ports and power projects from Srikakulam to Nellore districts in the name of development. The campaign witnessed massive participation of the communities cutting across farmers, landless labor, women and fishermen demanding government to stop investments in the form of projects.

Vishy, who was heading Tsunami Response program for ActionAid Andhra Pradesh and member of International Tsunami Response Team (ITRT) and his team comprising Murali Reddy and G.Satyanarayana has significantly, mobilized NGOs and community organizations and around 60000 people participated in series of public hearings over a period of two weeks in 2007. The video has been shot himself by Vishy, which supported by ActionAid International Tsunami Response Team. The campaign has resulted in public debates on environment, local economy, displacement and migration of the communities


  • fisherfolk.
  • special economic zones
  • tsunami response
  • disaster risk reduction
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