Evidence-Based Programs (EBPs) Pre-Conference: Network Development for Coverage across a State

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Evidence-based health programs have long been embraced by the Aging Network. But now with the recent change to the Older Americans Act that requires all Title III D funds to be used to support evidence-based programs only, coupled with the keen interest of health care payers in incorporating these programs into their portfolio of products, the Aging Network’s delivery of these programs widens our opportunities.

This session, part of n4a's annual 2017 conference, features experts tackling the topic of developing a statewide network of EBP providers that can offer comprehensive geographic coverage.

Moderator: Nora Super, Chief, Programs & Services, n4a


Michael O’Donnell, Executive Director, Illinois Community Health and Aging Collaborative

Leigh Ann Eagle, Executive Director
Sue Lachenmayr, State Program Coordinator, Living Well Center of Excellence, MAC, Inc.

Jennifer Raymond, Director, Healthy Living Center of Excellence, Elder Services of Merrimack Valley


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