Wildfire2 Wireless Controller Perfect For Black Ops

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http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/Wildfire2-Wireless-Controller__EF000932.aspxThe WildFire2 controller for Xbox 360 faithfully recreates all of the functionality of the original Xbox 360 controller, including vibration feedback and full analogue input.In addition, the WildFire2 controller enhances your gaming with a programmable Turbo Rapid Fire function and new ergonomic designProgrammable Turbo Rapid FireThe WildFire2 controller’s secret weapon is its programmable Turbo Rapid Fire that can be enabled on any one or more of 8 buttons, giving you a firepower advantage that can make all the difference. Just start the programming, choose which buttons you want to use Rapid Fire on and set the Turbo Rapid Fire mode. The WildFire2 controller has three selectable speed profiles ensuring usage of Rapid Fire with the widest range of games. With rapid fire enabled, weapons like single shot pistols in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, become lethal, fully automatic weapons that can empty a clip on an enemy in a second!


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