V11 Reports - Table of Contents, Bookmarks and Index Part 2

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V10FP10 Alpha Five v11 Reports toc index bookmarks part 2

(Note: This Feature Pack is sold as an optional add-on in V10 but is included with V11.) This feature pack allows you to add the following features to Reports that you create in Alpha Anywhere: Table of Contents, Bookmarks, Index. You can completely customize the entries that are made in the Table of Contents, Bookmark section, and Index. In addition, you can completely customize the layout of the Table of Contents section and Index section. The entries that appear in the Table of Contents, Bookmark section, and Index are "live" - if you click on an entry, you will be navigated to the appropriate page in the report. In addition, when you print the report to a PDF file, the Table of Contents, Bookmarks, and Index are live.


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