PSP 2000 Communicator Headest

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Description At last, Skype VoIP telephony, in-game voice communication and handy media controls come together in one amazing product!With Datel’s PSP 2000 Communicator Headset, you can take advantage of your new slimline PSP’s Skype capabilities. With your PSP connected to the internet, you can make ultra-cheap phone calls to friends all over the world using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the very latest in telephony.But it’s not just for Skype. With PSP 2000 Communicator Headset, you can talk, strategise and control. With a microphone positioned near your mouth and an stereo earbuds for crystal-clear sound, you can bark out your orders or taunt your opponents in any PSP game which boasts internet chat. Plan your strategies, warn your comrades in arms of impending danger and make sure everyone is doing the job they're meant to be doing. With Communicator Headset, you can hear every word your buddies utter, and your own instructions are never lost in the heat of battle.PSP 2000 Communicator Headset is ideal for multimedia applications too. Want to listen to your movies or music while on a train, bus or car journey, but without disturbing those around you? No problem. Not only will PSP 2000 Communicator Headset keep the peace, it also boasts a handy multimedia control pad which clips to your clothing. You can pause and resume the entertainment, increase or lower the volume and skip to the next track without touching the console. Just the thing if you want to listen to your music with your PSP in your pocket or bag…Features * Offers Skype VoIP functions. * Ideal for chat-enabled internet games. * Handy multimedia controls. * Stereo earbuds. * Perfectly-positioned mic.


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