GBA Ultimate Codes For Pokémon

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Description Ultimate Codes for Pokémon opens up all your favourite Pokémon games on the Game Boy Advance and GBA SP in ways you never imagined, making you the master of your Pokémon. At last you can catch ‘em all, and much more besides!Harnessing the power of Action Replay, Ultimate Codes for Pokémon lets you fill your Pokédex and take any Pokémon in the game into battle. There’s also a wealth of extras to grab like Infinite Money, items such as Rare Candy, Potion, Antidote, Burn Heal, Full Restore and more – much more. If you need a Magic Door Code for Pokémon Fire Red or Leaf Green, look no further. You can even train and tame Pokémon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire!Ultimate Codes for Pokémon includes game-busting codes for all the following Pokémon GBA games: * Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team * Pokémon Emerald * Pokémon Fire Red * Pokémon Leaf Green * Pokémon Ruby * Pokémon Sapphire * Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire


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