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Alpha Five V12 HTML Reporting bookmarks

When you design reports, you can turn on the 'bookmarks' and 'table of contents' features. The 'bookmark' feature creates a tree control of all of the 'bookmarks' in the report and allows you to navigate to any section of the report by clicking on a appropriate item in the 'bookmark tree', which is displayed to the left of the report itself. The 'table of contents' section, on the other hand, is shown before the first page of the report. You can also navigate to any particular section of the report by clicking on an entry in the table of contents.
In HTML reports, the 'bookmarks' tree is automatically rendered in a Panel as is shown in this video. In a mobile application, the Panel Card that contains the bookmark tree is automatically hidden if there is not enough space on the device. In the case where it is hidden, a button is automatically added to the Panel Header to reveal the bookmarks.
Note: Also applies to the Grid and UX Component.


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