Game Cube Action Replay

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Description Action Replay is the ultimate cheat device for the GameCube. Using specially-created codes, you can enhance and cheat your games in ways the programmers never intended.With Action Replay, you can give yourself infinite lives, infinite health, access all levels, have all vehicles and more. It also contains FreeLoader, a fantastic utility that lets you play imported games on your UK Cube without modifying the hardware. Get the latest releases from all around the world, often months before they're released in your own territory, and some which are never released here at all!Watch in actionBest of all, Action Replay for GameCube works with the Nintendo Wii in GameCube mode. So if you're planning to upgrade your Cube to a Wii, but want to carry on hacking your Cube games and playing your imported titles, grab an Action Replay now!Features * Preloaded with loads of exclusive cheats for GameCube games. * Totally unauthorised cheats and enhancements you won't find anywhere else. * Play import games from any region without modifying your console using Datel's revolutionary FreeLoader technology. * Intuitive menu system. * Stylish, hi-resolution graphics. * Easy to use - no technical or programming knowledge required


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