Internships: opportunity or cheap labour?

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The explosion of the internship in the past 10 years has begun to
raise some serious questions about the implications for a
generation expected to work wage-free in order to move onto the
career ladder. Ross Perlin an ex intern himself and the author of
Intern Nation will be at the Frontline Club to take part in a panel
discussion about internships and his investigation into a trend
which he argues is destroying "what's left of the ordered world of
training hard work and fair compensation". This issue was
highlighted in early February when it was reported that a selection
of prestigious internships at major City firms media outlets and PR
companies were auctioned off to party donors at the
Conservatives��� annual Black and White Party. Are internships for
the privileged and to what extent are those professions where
intern experience is compulsory now closed off young people from
lower income families? Or with no framework in place to protect
their rights is the internship a money-saving system for businesses
formalising the exploitation of young people by requiring them to
do jobs that would otherwise be paid positions and work long hours
without pay? Join us at the Frontline Club to discuss the world of
the intern and the culture of work. Chaired by Martin Bright
political editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of
the Mind an organisation which aims to boost employment in
Britain's creative industries. In 1996 he was appointed education
correspondent at The Observer where he also worked as home affairs
editor in 2005 he became political editor of the New Statesman a
job which he left in January 2009. With: Ross Perlin former unpaid
intern and author of Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn
Little in the Brave New Economy he is now gainfully employed
researching obsolescing languages in China; Fiona O���Cleirigh
freelance journalist and vice-chair of the London Freelance Branch
of the NUJ. She set up the NUJ���s Ca


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