V11 Feature Packs - Dialog Component - Introduction - 'Power Search' in Dialog Part 2 to 6

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FP11_POWERSEARCH1 Alpha Five V11 Power Search in Dialog How Part 1 to 5

While it is easy to add a Search Part to a Grid, there may be situations where you want to create a much more sophisticated Search Part for the Grid than the built-in Search Part allows.(See http:__smartphones.findthebest.com_ for an example of a very sophisticated 'Search Part'). For example, you might want your 'search part' to be organized into collapsible 'accordion' panes and you might want users to be able to use sliders and calendar controls to enter their search criteria. Using the layout power that the Dialog offers, it is very easy to create extremely sophisticated layouts to prompt for search criteria. This video shows how you can use new actions in Action Javascript to submit the Dialog, compute a search expression from the submitted data, and then apply the search to a Grid that has been embedded into the Dialog. The net result being the ability to create an extremely powerful and flexible 'power search' part for your Grids. Note: The features shown here will only be available to you if you have the Feature Pack installed. The next set of videos show how the Power Search part was created.


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