Success is in the Company You Keep

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Success is in the Company You Keep

Description: Seasoned entrepreneurs and CEO’s reveal how to diligence partners, suppliers and employees; as well as:

* How to find and attract the right talent and partnerships
* Understanding the pitfalls of hiring just on resume alone
* Understanding how and where to find a complimentary partner
* Hiring, managing and getting the most out of non-full-time employees
* Outsourcing, freelancers, contract talent and other non-staff service providers
* The savings, benefits and challenges

MODERATOR: Graham Lawlor, Founder of Ultra Light Startups


Ben Lerer, Co-Founder of Thrillist
Marc Cenedella, Founder of TheLadders
Kate Atwood, Founder of Kate’s Club
Nancy Johnson, President of Optimyze
Kevin Scott, Director of Global Outreach of Global L.E.A.D. Program


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