V11 Tabbed UI Component with Buttons on Home Page (Instead of on Button Bar on Left)

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55 Alpha Five v11 Tabbed UI buttons on home page

The Tabbed UI component is an easy way to create a 'launch pad' for all of the pages, Grids and Reports in your application. The standard Tabbed UI component has a series of buttons in a 'button pane' on the left or right hand side. Each of the buttons opens a new pane in the Tabbed UI. Instead of putting the buttons that open new Tabbed UI panes in the 'button pane', you might want to put the buttons directly on the Home Page that is displayed when the Tabbed UI component is first opened.

This video shows how this is easily accomplished by using a Page Layout component for the Home Page of the Tabbed UI component. (Requires System Addins build 3516 or greater).


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