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Description Replay MAX is the most powerful PS2 game enhancer ever made.It’s packed with cheats and enhancements for your favorite games,lets you play import DVDs on your local PS2, and can be updatedover the internet or by typing in new codes.The world's mostpowerful cheat code system and video game enhancer is now betterthan ever before! Action Replay MAX once again takes PlayStation 2game enhancement to a higher level.Action Replay MAX is packed withgame-busting codes, allowing you to beat your PS2 games with awhole host of 100% unofficial cheats you won't find anywhere else.Instantly acquire MAX health, ammo and money. Unlock secretcharacters, levels, vehicles and much, much more.Watch inactionAction Replay's Advanced Code Engine (A.C.E.) automaticallydownloads a game's codes direct to your PlayStation 2 over your PS2’s broadband internet connection, in many cases before that game iseven available at retail. What's more, Action Replay is the onlycheat code system that automatically recognises your new PS2 gamerelease, taking you straight to the specific codes for it.Even ifyour PlayStation 2 is not online, updating Action Replay MAX is nota problem. You can download the codes from the Codejunkies server,and copy them to your Action Replay MAX using a USB flash drive.New codes can still be entered by hand using a standard PlayStation2 game pad, or via a compatible USB-keyboard.As well as a gameenhancer, Action Replay MAX contains DVD Region X region enabler,which allows you to play ANY NTSC DVD on your American PlayStation2. Just the thing for those Japanese anime movies you want toimport. It also contains MAX Memory, a memory management utilitythat lets you crush your game saves and archive them for lateruse.Action Replay MAX is quite simply the most advanced cheat codesystem ever developed, yet it's so easy to pick up and use. It’s anessential purchase for th


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