V11 Search Part - Geography Searches - Google Maps - Show Search Results on Screen 1

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GM11 Search Part - Geography Searches - Google Maps Part 2

This video continues from GM10. When you have a Google Map in the Search Part of a Grid, you can use the Map to mark a search polygon or radius, as shown in the previous video. However, you can also display markers on the map to show the location of the records found by the search. In this video, we show how the search results can be plotted on the map. A marker is placed on the map for each record found by the search. The video shows how you can customize the bubble help, title, and info box for each marker that is placed on the map. The video also shows how the click action for each marker can be customized - you can use a built-in action, such as "open Detail View", or you can define your own Javascript.


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