THIRD PARTY EVENT: ENO presents The Death of Klinghoffer - the debate

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On 25 February, ENO stages the London premiere of The Death of
Klinghoffer by John Adams. A powerful and arresting opera from one
of the world’s greatest living composers, directed by Warhorse’s
Tom Morris. Based on the hijacking of the cruise liner Achille
Lauro, and resulting in the death of Leon Klinghoffer, a
Jewish-American passenger, The Death of Klinghoffer is a theatrical
presentation of an event that dominated the world's headlines and
became a defining moment in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The opera is
a captivating response to the 1985 hijack, it even-handedly
explores religious tolerance, displacement and exile. It does this
through poignant ***l choruses interspersed with dramatically
etched moments of fear and fury as the hijack reaches an
increasingly violent and tragic conclusion. This debate explores
the complex role of the arts in illuminating contemporary events
touching on the relevance of opera today and ENO’s role in bringing
fresh, modern work to the London stage and extending the boundaries
of theatre. Chaired by Christopher Cook, a broadcaster and
journalist. His work can be found in places such as the Guardian
and the New Statesman, as well as on BBC radio. His current
academic work includes positions at Syracuse University, London
Centre and American University (London Programme). With: Will Self,
commentator and author. His many books include The Quantity Theory
of Insanity, Grey Area, Cock & Bull, My Idea of Fun, Junk Mail,
The Sweet Smell of Psychosis, Great Apes, Tough, Tough Toys for
Tough, Tough Boys, Dorian, How the Dead Live, which was shortlisted
for the Whitbread Novel of the Year 2002, The Book of Dave,
Psychogeography, Psycho Too, and The Butt. Dimi Reider, an Israeli
journalist and blogger. His work has appeared in The New York
Times, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, Haaretz, and the Jerusalem
Post. He's also contributing editor and co-founder at +972
Magazine, a publication by prominent Israeli and Pa


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