H1963 Be J.U.S.T. a Ripple of Hope

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Students in the Freeport High School Human Relations Club, advocating for human rights, have used the wisdom of Bobby Kennedy’s four dangers to create an initiative aimed at awareness and to advocate to fight bullying and anti-Semitism by selling bracelets with a phrase created by Long Island native and Holocaust survivor Werner Reich: “Be J.U.S.T. a Ripple of Hope.” J- (Judge the situation) U- (Understand the problem) S- (Solve the problem) T- (Take action).
Werner Reich, who was only a teenager when he faced the horrors of Holocaust concentration camps, visited Freeport High School and gave presentations on his experiences during the Holocaust and the dangers of keeping quiet in the face of injustice. Werner regularly gives these presentations in high schools across Long Island. He exemplifies the spirit of Bobby Kennedy’s four dangers by empowering teenagers with the knowledge they need to go out into the world and stand up for that which is right.


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