Reporting under fire: covering a new world of political unrest

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Over 40 journalists were killed during a tumultuous year of
political unrest last year. Hundreds more remain imprisoned,
censored, suppressed and exiled around the world. Increasingly
pressured into self-censorship through intimidation, fear and
legislation, journalists are facing increasingly dangerous times.
Such danger are compounded by repressive governments and violent
criminal groups. Join us at the Frontline Club for the first in a
series of events, screenings and workshops examining the challenges
to safety faced by journalists around the world. We will be
discussing the dangers faced by journalists today and the impact on
journalism of a world more and more people are demanding their
rights to equality and justice. What more can be done to protect
journalists in their work? The event will also mark the launch of
the Committee to Protect Journalists’ Attacks on the Press report
which will be presented by CPJ executive director Joel Simon.
Chaired by Award-winning journalist and reporter, Jenny Kleeman,
has been working with Channel 4'sUnreported World since 2007,
reporting from locations as diverse as the Amazon rainforest, the
slums of Liberia and most recently Afghanistan. She writes
regularly for the Guardian, Sunday Times and Independent. With:
Joel Simon, executive director of the CPJ, under which they
launched the 'Global Campaign Against Impunity' and established the
'Journalist Assistance program' which provides help to journalists
in distress. Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari who was
detained in Iran during the uprising following the 2009 disputed
election. He is author of Then They Came for Me: A story of
injustice and survival in Iran's most notorious prison. (via Skype)
Libyan contractor turned fixer, Suliman Ali Zway who was recently
awarded the Martin Adler prize alongside Osama Alfitory for their
dedication and bravery in reporting the conflict in Libya. They are
known to international journalists as 'The A


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