How Entrepreneurs Leverage Diversity Today

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How Entrepreneurs Leverage Diversity Today

Description: Find out from some of NYC’s most successful “ minority” entrepreneurs how they’ve challenged the status quo and leveraged diversity to their advantage in creating their companies. Panelist’s hard fought insights include:

* The real scoop on what it’s like to be “different” in business
* How to leverage your unique network to raise capital & hire great talent
* Developing community & empowering other entrepreneurs to achieve

MODERATOR: Scott Shuster, Business journalist (BusinessWeek, ABC News); Partner, Stratostream Entertainment


Bryan Janeczko, Founder of
Patricia Moreno, Founder of Satilife
Upendra Shardanand, Founder of Daylife
Rachel Wolkowitz, Founder of So Far, So Green
Jason Evege, Founder of Linoto


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