PSP Communicator Headset

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Description Communicator Headset for PSP is an essential purchase for gamers on the move. You can play your games without disturbing those around you, and also chat in online games. It's fully WiFi-compatible too.Communicator Headset works with any PSP game that boasts voice chat compatibility. With a microphone positioned near your mouth and an earpiece for crystal-clear sound, Communicator Headset lets you bark out your orders or taunt your opponents as you play.Take Sony's brilliant SOCOM: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo. During online play, it's essential you communicate with the rest of your squad. Plan your strategies, warn your comrades in arms of impending danger and make sure everyone is doing the job they're meant to be doing. With Communicator Headset, you can hear every word your buddies utter, and your own instructions are never lost in the heat of battle.With more and more Sony PSP games making use of microphone communication, Communicator Headset is the ideal choice.Features * Compatible with the original PSP. * Comfortable, stylish design. * Crystal clear sound. * Mic positioned near mouth - no need to shout& * Works with WiFi connection.


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