Social Entrepreneurship: Life Isn’t Just For-Profit

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Social Entrepreneurship: Life isn’t Just For-Profit

Description: Panelists will discuss their motivations for building a philanthropic endeavor and how it’s changed their perspective on entrepreneurship – and the world in general. Additional insights will be revealed, including:

* How founding a non-profit generates credibility
* How a non-profit venture can be leveraged to create additional for-profit lines of business
* What the future of social actions is locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

MODERATOR: Lora Kolodny, Journalist


Ellen Gustafson, Co-Founder of FEED Projects
Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Co-Founder of All Day Buffet & By/Association
Rachael Chong, Founder of Catchafire
Garrett Gravesen, Co-Founder of the Global L.E.A.D. Program


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  • NYEW
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