Aging and Disability Business Institute Integrated Care Boot Camp, Part I: Are You Positioned to Succeed in Health Care Partnerships? Identify Your Readiness Factor!

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As health care delivery system reforms are being planned and implemented, community-based aging and disability organizations (CBOs) need to understand the evolving landscape and be prepared to make strategic decisions about future growth opportunities. Come to the Boot Camp to learn about the fundamental trends, incentives and drivers across the health care landscape, as both government and private-sector payers seek to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

In this Part One of the two-part Boot Camp, experts discussed how to know if your organization is ready to partner with managed care, and highlighted a new Readiness Assessment Resource that can help you understand your strengths and challenges.


Mary Kaschak, Deputy Director, Aging and Disability Business Institute, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Washington, DC

Lori Peterson, CEO, Collaborative Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Suzanne Burke, CEO, Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio, Cincinnati, OH

Janet Grant, Head, Great Plains Region, Aetna Medicaid, St. Louis, MO


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