#4 THRiiiVE Top 10 To Do List- START HERE - Vicki Warren on Stressor Elimination from your HOME!!!

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THRiiiVE Foundational Electrosmog TO DO
1.) Sleep with HEAD at least 6 feet and BODY 3 feet from Electrical Sources (homes away from wiring) (multi-family just devices) -if need clock - battery powered
2.) Sleep at least 2 rooms from the BASE of your cordless phone (until you get rid of it)
3.) Sleep WITHOUT Baby MONITORS & METAL in Baby CRIBS (don't buy bed with metal)
4.) Turn off WI-FI/Wireless Internet Access at night (put on timer is ideal for this)
5.) Don't use CELL PHONE in car or against head ...especially with healing child
6.) Choose a time to turn OFF all ELECTRICITY to HOME at main breaker for a few hours and Monitor your and your families reaction/response - BASELINE Creation!
THRiiiVE Foundational Non-Toxic Living To DO List:
1.) Take SHOES OFF before entering HOME!
2.) Add AIR Purification: put a FILTER on your Air Return System that is MERV 11 -13 and then Cycle Air through Air Handling Unit (heat/air) 2 times a day for a few minutes (particulate removal)
3.) Away from this time OPEN 2 WINDOWS on opposite sides of the home for a few minutes every day to create natural/healthy ION balance & chemical dilution
4.) Don't buy or bring home things/products that you wouldn't eat or that SMELL
Beyond this goes to the next level on THRiiiVE List from Foundational to Primary and would start with completion of
1.) Estabish and Correct Sleeping Sanctuary Body Voltage: http://web.mac.com/autismprotocols/site_4/emf_movie_to_do.html
2.) Test for in-coming "Information Carrying Radio Waves" from neighbors Wi-Fi's and Cell Towers or shield against it with metalized fabric (pricey) safelivingtechnologies.com
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt's ElectroSMOG Mitigation Protocol: 1.) Turn off ALL breakers at night & 2.) Sleep under metalized fabric!


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