THRiiiVE - Seizure Mitigation Protocol - Claudie Gordon-Pomares -

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After years of enduring seizures in my son with Autism, I have found someone who feels confident in a set of simple steps that when done during a seizure might actually provide relief! Pleae provide feedback on the success of this technique if you try it! It is three items: pleasant scent, cotton ball and an ice cube. As is demonstrated in the video you place the cotton ball with the pleasant scent on it in front of the seizing persons nose and then you hold the ice cube for 2 secononds on 4 spots along one side of the body. These spots are: behind the ear, under the armpit, on the hip bone and in the middle of the back above the waistband. If seizure has not stopped...switch to other side and repeat. Keep repeating in a calm way until seizure stops.
This same smelling technique can be done to eliminate a temper tantrum and used every hour to up-regulate Dopamine in kids with low levels like kids with Autism. Please report here!


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