AA UX BSMA Lesson 16 Part 1 - Entering New Customer Records and Defining Field Validation Rules

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In lesson 11, when we defined the 'slide-in' menu, we added 'New Customer' to the menu, but did not define the event handler for this action.
We has shown in previous lessons how we can make changes to an existing customer record.

In this lesson we are going to hook up the event handler for the 'New Customer' menu action so that the user can enter new customer records.
At the end of the lesson, your UX component will show the customer form in 'enter record' mode so that you can add a new customer to the customer table.

In addition to hooking up the 'New Customer' event handler, we are going to show how you can add validation rules to the controls on the UX component to validate the data (i.e. check that there are no data entry errors) before the edits are submitted to the database.

NOTE: If you did not complete lesson 15, and want to start with this lesson, you can download the Lesson16_Start component to use as your starting point:


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