First Wednesday: Kill/Capture missions in Afghanistan

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Following the targeted killing of Osama Bin Laden we will be
devoting July's First Wednesday to the expansion of man hunt
missions used in Afghanistan to take out thousands of Al Qaeda and
Taliban fighters. This vast campaign of kill/capture missions is
veiled in secrecy and has become a major part of the counter
insurgency. But how does it level with another feature of the
counter insurgency involved in winning the hearts and minds of the
people of Afghanistan? With a panel of experts we will be examining
the effects of the kill/capture missions on the ground looking at
how they are conducted and how the intelligence is obtained. What
effect are they having and could they play a definitive role in
ending the war? Chaired by Paddy O'Connell of BBC Radio 4's
Broadcasting House. With: Lieutenant General (Retd) Sir Graeme Lamb
KBE CMG DSO commissioned into the British Army in 1973 for the
following 38 years he deployed in various theatres of war during
which he commanded on operations at ever rank. He stepped down as
Commander of the Field Army in July 2009 and returned to
Afghanistan at the direct request of General David Petraeus and
General Stanley McChrystal of the US Army to scope a programme
designed to repeat the success in Iraq whereby insurgents are
persuaded to give up their arms. Emal Pasarly multimedia editor for
the BBC Pashto-Persian service. Kate Clark senior analyst for the
Afghanistan Analysts Network. Her involvement in Afghanistan goes
back to 1999 when she was the BBC Kabul correspondent she was a
frontline reporter during the 2001 war and the fall of the Taliban.
Her recent investigation into US targeted killings in Afghanistan
is entitled ���The Takhar attack: Targeted killings and the
parallel worlds of US intelligence and Afghanistan���. Stephen Grey
investigative writer and broadcaster and author of Operation
Snakebite: The Explosive True Story of an Afghan Desert Siege about
the war in Helmand Afghanistan. His most rec


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