Using Zoom With Canvas

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How to Use Zoom in Canvas to host video conferences in your course. For teachers who are new to Zoom and Canvas.

Feel free to advance the timeline to the video topics below:

Introduction: 0:00.0

Verifying your default email address in Canvas: 2:09.82

Logging Into 2:55

Zoom Basic or Pro?: 5:12

Setting Up Your Canvas Course: 6:40

Enable Zoom in the Course Menu: 9:13

Schedule a Zoom Meeting: 12:07

Copy the Meeting Invitation: 14:44

Meeting Links in the Calendar and Coming Up List: 17:41

Publish the Course: 18:43

Showing Your Course on the Calendar: 20:04

Demo: Opening the Zoom App: 21:02

Demo: Join by Phone or Computer Audio: 22:09

Demo: Meeting Controls: 22:43

Test the Course: Student View: 28:31

Invite Students Using Announcements: 29:34

Email the Meeting Invitation to Your Students: 33:23


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