This house believes whistleblowers make the world a safer place

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FULLY BOOKED This house believes whistleblowers make the world a
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EVENT AT THE KENSINGTON TOWN HALL Join the Frontline Club and New
Statesman for a provocative public debate featuring Julian Assange
editor in chief of WikiLeaks. Over the past 12 months official
secrecy has been challenged like never before. Three of the biggest
ever leaks of classified information ��� the Iraq War Logs the
Afghanistan War Logs and Cablegate ��� shook the world and prompted
governments to reconsider how they share information. Since the
start of the Obama administration in 2009 the US government has
brought charges against five defendants suspected of leaking
classified information. Before Obama the US government had only
ever filed similar charges three times in 40 years. For this very
special event at Kensington Town Hall the New Statesman and the
Frontline Club host a challenging debate in which some of the most
prominent public figures on secrecy and transparency issues will go
head to head. Amid the intensifying crackdown on whistleblowers the
debate will ask: are UK and US officials correct to argue that
those who publish leaks threaten national security? Or do we need
them to expose wrongdoing because as transparency advocates argue
governments always abuse secrecy? The event will feature an
interactive section where the audience will be able to vote on the
motion. Chair: Jason Cowley editor of the New Statesman.
Proposition: Julian Assange editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Julian
Assange is the 39-year-old editor in chief of WikiLeaks.
Queensland-born Assange has been the subject of public calls for
his assassination from leading US politicians and faces an ongoing
espionage investigation. In 2010 he overwhelmingly won Time
magazine���s Readers' Choice Person of the Year poll and was named
Le Monde���s Man of the Yea


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