V11 Flying Start Genie Part 2

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V10FP5 Alpha Five v11 Flying start 2

(Note: This Feature Pack is sold as an optional add-on in V10 but is included with V11.) The Flying Start Genie allows you to get a quick start on a new Web Application by automatically creating a Grid Component for every table and view in your Database. The Genie also creates a Tabbed UI Component which serves as your "home page" for your auto-generated application. The Flying Start Genie can be used against both SQL databases and native Alpha Anywhere databases (.dbf tables). Once the Flying Start Genie has created the Grid Components, you can edit any of the components in the Grid Component editor and customize any of their properties. By default, - the Grids that are automatically created for you have a Search Part and a Detail View Part. The Grids are editable and the edits are made in the Detail View part, which is set to display in a popup modal window. You can easily change these defaults for all of the Grids that are created or for individual.


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