PS3 Bluetooth Headset

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Description tay one step ahead of the opposition by chatting to your team mates as you play online. This wireless PS3 headset is Bluetooth, so it requires no cables, and it also works with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones!It's the ideal accessory for PlayStation 3 gamers. With your Bluetooth-enabled games console, you can trash-talk with your opponents, make new friends in the games lobby and organise your party in co-operative games. It's great for making hands-free calls with your Bluetooth mobile too!Datel's Bluetooth Wireless Headset uses the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol for fast, reliable data transfer. It boasts a comfortable, over-the-ear design and charges in under an hour. A single charge is good for six hours talk time or 250 hours on standby.Features * Comfortable, stylish design. * Crystal clear sound. * Up to six hours talktime. * Up to 250 hours standby. * For gamers and phone users alike. * Bluetooth 2.0.


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