Judy Boyle - Teaching resources on human trafficking and modern-day slavery

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This webinar examines how and why we can address human trafficking and modern day slavery in our lessons with dignity, respect and with relevance.

The session begins with a brief overview of slavery and human trafficking today, drawing upon academic anti-slavery research, and personal narratives of survivors.

We then focus on The NO Project free downloadable teaching resources, which are specifically designed for learners B1+ and above. The lessons are for both online and in-class teaching, and are geared towards upper secondary, young adult and adult learners i.e.16+ years. All plans are based on real-life narratives and are approached with dignity and respect. The presentation will also feature the gentle step-by-step teachers guide, powerful visuals and engaging artwork, original audio content, authentic videos and theme-based lexical input.

To conclude we examine how the student autonomous learning resources facilitate inspirational, collaborative projects beyond the class.

Recorded on 29 April 2021


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