REACTIVE: The battle for press freedom in Iran

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Almost two weeks after their arrest little has been heard about the
fate of the six Iranian filmmakers who are currently being held in
Tehran's notorious Evin Prison with no access to their lawyers.
Accused of collaborating secretly with BBC Persian and illegally
supplying content portraying Iran in a negative light they have
been condemned as "a group of terrorists Bahais communists and
devil worshippers" by Iran’s Minister of Intelligence. Iran insists
that the filmmakers are part of the British Secret Service working
under the guise of the BBC - allegations the BBC has denied. In a
statement released last week the BBC said that the filmmakers
currently detained in Iran are independent documentary makers and
BBC Persian television had bought the rights to broadcast their
film. Iran and the BBC have had a tense relationship since the 2009
revolution when Iran accused the BBC of fostering the unrest that
followed the elections. These latest arrests also raise concerns
about what appears to be a wider crackdown: two leading Iranian
filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof have been arrested
and imprisoned in the past year. Join us at the Frontline Club for
this reactive briefing to discuss the detainment of the filmmakers
the battle for press freedom in Iran and the regime's relationship
with foreign media. Chaired by Lindsey Hilsum International Editor
for Channel 4 News. With: Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari
who was detained in Iran during the 2009 uprising; Drewery Dyke
Amnesty International's Iran researcher; Bozorgmehr Sharafedin BBC
Senior Correspondent and producer of The Ways of the Ayatollah;
Saeed Kamali Dehghan award-winning Iranian journalist who writes
for The Guardian. He was named 2010 Journalist of the Year at the
Foreign Press Association Awards; Picture Credit: An image taken
from award-winning Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi's This is Not a
Film that documents his house arrest as he waits for a c


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