V11 Animating Ajax Windows

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Animation effects have been added for popup Ajax windows (Important Note: Ajax windows that contain IFrames, which in turn contain display PDF files, cannot be animated. As a result, the Animation property has not been made available for Ajax windows that host .a5w pages, since .a5w pages are hosted in an IFrame). There are several animation methods that have been exposed. The "slide" and "fade" methods are based on methods in the jQuery core library. All of the other methods are based on methods in the jQueryUI library. By default, both of these libraries are loaded. The Web Project Properties dialog contains settings which control if these libraries are loaded, and from where they should be loaded. You can control the animation effect for the window display and the window close. You can also control the animation speed. Certain animation styles will mess up the positioning of windows. If you find this to be the case, you should stick with the "Fade" style for the "show" animation.


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