The changing nature of protest: does the mainstream media get it?

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From regime change in Tunisia persistent calls for President Mubarak to step down in Egypt and protests in Jordan and Syria to student demonstrations in Britain and unrest in Ireland Greece and France - we are witnessing unprecedented revolt against power structures around the world.

But are journalists equipped to understand the nature of these protests what drives them and how they are organised?

What can we learn from recent protests about the likely nature of future protest the role of social media and political allegiances? Are there any lessons to be learnt from the past that can help the media adapt to the new politics?

Join us at the Frontline Club for a fascinating discussion in association with the BBC College of Journalism.

Chaired by Steve Crawshaw international advocacy director Amnesty International and co-author of Small Acts of Resistance How courage tenacity and ingenuity can change the world.


Paul Mason BBC Newsnight economics editor;

Guy Aitchison co-editor of openDemocracy's UK blog OurKingdom a PhD student in politics at UCL who was involved full-time in the occupation and a co-editor of Fightback: A reader on the winter of protest (a free downloadable e-book)

Turi Munthe CEO of Demotix;

Jacky Rowland Aljazeera English correspondent based in Paris.

In association with the BBC College of Journalism.


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