Xbox 360 eZ Trans Transfer Cable

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Description Move, Backup and Restore all your Xbox 360 data. It’s easy to use and has 2 ports for both the New and Old Xbox HDD.EZTrans is the easy way to transfer data from your old 360 HDD to your new XB360S HDD. Just plug in your HDD's and the Xbox 360 built in transfer utility will do the rest. EZTrans accepts both the old style HDD and the NEW 360S style HDD so you have total transfer flexibility.If you are upgrading to the new XB360S then EZTrans is the perfect solution. High Speed transfers between HDD's at up to 480 Mbps.Watch in actionFeatures * 100% XB360 and XB360S compatible. * High Speed 480 Mbps transfer. * Plug and Play – No software needed.


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