Understanding extremism: What are the real dangers?

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When reports began coming in of the bombing in Oslo on 22 July the
general consensus among experts appeared to be that the attack had
all the hallmarks of Islamic extremism. It was only when news came
through of a gunman on Utøya that it began to become clear that
something quite different was taking place in Norway. As we mark
the ten year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in
the United States we will be examining the extent of our
understanding of extremism. Anders Behring Breivik has since been
deemed a "mad man" by many commentators who refuse to make a
connection between his actions and the ideas of rightwing
commentators cited in his manifesto. For this event in association
with BBC Arabic we will be investigating extremism in the 21st
century and the process of radicalisation of groups and
individuals. What impact has the "war on terror" and other counter
terrorism strategies had? Is there any truth in the suggestion that
post 9/11 policy and rhetoric has fuelled not only Islamic
extremism but the far right? And have we become so concerned with
Islamic extremism that we've become blinkered to the threats from
the far right? We will be bringing together a panel of experts to
discuss whether in the past decade we have seen a rise of rightwing
and Islamic extremism. Chaired by Margaret Gilmore Senior Research
Fellow with RUSI ((Royal United Services Institute) analysing
United Kingdom Public Policy on National Security and Resilience.
Formerly BBC Senior Home Affairs Correspondent and co-author of The
Terrorist Hunters a definitive account of the terrorist threat to
the UK in the past five years. WIth: Dr Christina Hellmich lecturer
in International Relations at the University of Reading. She is a
specialist in Middle East politics working in Yemen with a
particular research interest in political Islam and global
terrorism. Her recent book Al-Qaeda: From global network to local
franchise (Zed 2011) examines the key so


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