AA UX BSMA Lesson 14 Part 2 - Accessing the Camera to Take and Upload Pictures

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In lesson 10 we added a dropdown window menu for the 'Menu' button in the Panel Header of the PANEL_CUSTOMERFORM Panel Card. However, the items on the menu don't yet do anything.

In this lesson we are going to show how the camera on the device can be accessed to take a picture when the user clicks on the 'Photo' button in the dropdown menu.
After the user has taken the picture (or selected a picture from the photo library on the device), the picture will be uploaded to the server so that it can be stored in the 'Image' field in the Customer table when the user submit edits to the Customer record.
At the same time that the image is uploaded to the server, we also want to create a thumbnail of the image, so that the thumbnail can be shown in the List control that displays the customer names.
At the end of the lesson, our Customer List control will be showing thumbnails of the picture associated with each customer record, and the image field on the PANEL_CUSTOMERFORM Panel Card will show a full-sized version of the image stored for each customer.

NOTE: If you did not complete lesson 13, and want to start with this lesson, you can download the Lesson14_Start component to use as your starting point:



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