Democratic Republic of Congo: Presidential elections and blood minerals

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Presidential elections are due to take place in the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) at the end of November and current
President, Joseph Kabila, is standing again for what could end up
being a 15- year presidency. We will be examining the prospects of
the DRC which has suffered so much violence and where rape is used
as a weapon by rebel forces fighting for control of valuable
mineral resources such as Tin, Tantalum and Tungsten that are used
in everyday electronics such as mobile phones. Recent election
reforms mean that candidates can now win with only 15 - 20 per cent
of the vote. Political speeches and broadcasts in the run-up to the
election are using tactics that run along ethnic lines and violence
has already broken out in some areas. Can Vital Kamerhe the leader
the Union pour la Nation Congolaise party (UNC) present a viable
challenge to Kabila and if so, could he fulfill his pledges of
freedom, justice and tolerance? What can be done to address issues
of corruption, abuse and extortion in the country? Join us at the
Frontline Club to debate the outcomes of the Presidential elections
and to address the challenges that the people of a country with
such vast resources face. Chaired by Mary Harper, the Africa Editor
at the BBC World Service. She has reported on Africa for the past
twenty years, reporting from many conflict zones, including Sudan,
Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Algeria, and has done special
investigations into Islamist extremism in Africa. She has written
for several publications including The Economist, The Times and The
Washington Post. With: Natznet Tesfay, head of Africa Forecasting
at Exclusive Analysis Ltd. Prior to joining Exclusive Analysis she
worked in the field of urban development, consulting for municipal
governments in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Mike Davis,
campaign leader of Global Witness' Conflict Minerals campaign, that
is calling on the DRC to demilitarise their mining sector and f


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