GSM Audio Bug

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Description Use
mobile phone technology to listen in to conversations from anywhere
in the worldThe latest addition to MAX TV’s growing range of
professional quality monitoring, surveillance and spy gadgets is
this cutting edge GSM Audio Bug which uses mobile phone technology
to allow you to listen in to conversations in a room or vehicle
from anywhere in the world.Simply slot a mobile phone SIM card into
the GSM Audio Bug, just like you would into your phone, then hide
it in the room, car, handbag etc. that you would like to monitor.
Use a mobile phone or landline to call the GSM Audio Bug at any
time which will silently answer your call and relay the audio from
its location to your phone. You can listen for as long as you like
and simply hang up to end the call. The GSM Audio Bug can be called
as many times as you need and has a 4 day standby and 4hr listening
battery life.There are hundreds of reasons why you might need to
monitor a room but whatever your reason you can be confident that
this GSM Audio Bug represents the very latest in audio bugging
technology and will relay clear, sharp sounds from any location
where it is hidden. The ability to listen-in from any location at
any time, including when you’re on the move, provides unparalleled
flexibility not possible with traditional FM transmitting audio
listening devices.Calling For FreeMost of the mobile phone networks
in the UK offer free additional SIM cards on your existing contract
which means for most people there will be no need to pay for the
SIM card needed by the GSM Audio Bug. Better still, many of the
networks offer free calls between phones on the same network which
means that it should be perfectly possible to call the device and
listen free of charge.Features * Uses mobile phone (GSM) technology
* Listen from anywhere in the world* * 100hrs(4 days) standby *
4hrs continuous listen time * High quality audio pickup for clear
sharp sound


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