Global Resorts Network - Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

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Description Patty Bender 704-506-1611

Global Resorts Network Leader Patty Bender reviews the Divi
Little Bay Beach Resort on the caribbean island of Sint Maarten.
For $675 you can stay for 8 days, 7 nights. This is the value of
the Global Resorts travel club membership.

Global Resorts Network is a fun and practical home based
business opportunity. The longer I'm involved, the more excited I

I've had the opportunity to meet Al Morales, the founder of
Global Resorts Network a few times and appreciate the history of
this 24 year old company and how it provides very affordable
vacations at luxury timeshare resorts.

The Global Resorts Network product, a luxury lifetime vacation
membership, is fabulous, Mr. Morales is a tremendous man and leader
for the company and the pay plan is out of this world. It's truly a
home run.

I recommend Global Resorts Network to anyone in search of a
legitimate home based business opportunity and hooking up with
Patty Bender is a winner.


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