Freeloader for Gamecube

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Description FreeLoader uses proprietary technology to enable your GameCube to play import games from any other region. Using FreeLoader, you can play imported games on your local console, without modifying your Cube.If you're one of the many gamers that bought an imported GameCube console and you now want to play games from your own country, FreeLoader is ideal for this task. Whichever way you use FreeLoader, no modifications to your console are needed and your warranty is kept intact.And don't forget, FreeLoader is also included as part of Action Replay for GameCube, so if you want to hack and enhance your games as well as play imports, check it out!Features * Launch and play imported GameCube games from any region. * No need to modify your console - keeps your warranty intact. * Add loads of new titles to your GameCube collection, including games never released in your region. * Play ANY region of games ANY GameCube. * Fast and easy to use. Important: When playing a Japanese game your memory card will be re-formatted to Japanese settings, overwriting any existing US or European settings and any game saves stored on the card. We advise keeping a separate card especially for use with Japanese games only.


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