PS3 Turbo Fire2 Controller

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Description TurboFire®2 is a wireless rapid fire controller for the PS3. It is 100% DualShock 3™ and Sixaxis™ compatible .Programmable Turbo Rapid FireTurboFire®2’s secret weapon is a programmable Turbo Rapid Fire mode that can be enabled on up to 8 buttons at various speeds, giving you a firepower advantage that can make all the difference. Just start the programming mode, choose which buttons you want to use rapid fire on, and set the repeat speed. With rapid fire enabled, weapons like single shot pistols and rifles in Call of Duty: World at War, become lethal, fully automatic weapons that can empty a clip on an enemy in a second!100% CompatibleTurboFire®2 faithfully recreates every input just like DualShock 3™, including responsive and linear analogue sticks and triggers, and has the full range of buttons, plus tilt &motion sensors and vibration feedback. Nothing has been missed out.Wireless CommunicationUnlike most 3rd party PS3 controllers, TurboFire®2 doesn’t require any performance sapping wireless adapters or converters to sit between it and the PS3. Instead, it communicates directly with the PlayStation, just like its first party equivalents.Ergonomic DesignAll this functionality is packed into a stylish controller that has been redesigned to fit better in the hands than the DualShock3™. The precision engineered controller is exceptionally rugged and built to withstand the demands of the professional gamer.FeaturesTurboFire® is the most fully featured controller available for the PS3: * Programmable Turbo Rapid Fire * Redesigned ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hands * Fully PS3 compatible (no need for a separate dongle) * Built-in true ‘E-Gyro’ and ‘MEMS’ sensors * Automatic pairing over USB * Vibration feedback * 20ft wireless range * Uses 2x AA batteries * Blue Glow Turbo Grips


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