AA UX BSMA Lesson 6 Part 3 - Searching the Customer Table - Adding a 'Keyword' Search Feature

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In lesson 1 we added a List control to the UX component to show the customers from the Customers table in Northwind. The List shows all of the customers. In a real application with many hundreds, thousands, or even millions of records, it is essential to be able to search for particular customers.
In this lesson we show how you can add a 'keyword' search feature to find particular records.

NOTE: Alpha Anywhere allows you to create two kinds of searches - 'keyword searches', where multiple fields in the table are searched - for example search for the string 'smith' in the Lastname, City and Address fields. Or, 'explicit' searches, where you specify explicit search values for different fields - for example, search for records where Lastname is 'smith' and City is 'London' and Country is 'UK'.

NOTE: If you did not complete lesson 5, and want to start with this lesson, you can download the Lesson6_Start component to use as your starting point:


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