V11 Dynamically Re-Populating Choices in a Radiobutton or Checkbox Control 1

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Alpha Five v11 Dialog dynamically repopulate a check box or radio button

In some applications, it might be necessary to repopulate the choices shown in a radiobutton or checkbox control with a new set of choices after the Dialog has initially been rendered. An Ajax callback is made where the new choices are computed on the server, then a Javascript response is sent to the browser to update the choices for the control. These videos show how this can be done (Note: The video shows an example for a checkbox, but the same principle applies to radio buttons. The only difference is that the a5w_radiobuttons() function would be used on the server to compute the HTML for a radiobutton control).
In this next video the checkbox is populated with a much larger set of choices and a snaking layout (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) for the checkboxes is specified.


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