AA Popup Windows and Overlays Using the 'Window' Container Sub-Type - Contrast Window Methods

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UX_V12--47 Alpha Five V12 UX Component contrast window methods

Displaying content in pop-windows (also sometimes called "overlays") is a common requirement in web and mobile applications. This is easily done by wrapping the content you want to show in the popup window in a container with a sub-type of "Window". In this video, we show several examples of how this technique is used to show popup lists, maps, and forms (Note: In addition to the techniques shown in this video, you can also use the "Open a popup Ajax Window/Overlay" action in Action Javascript to display content in popup windows). Contrast the technique shown in this video with the "Open a popup Ajax Window" action in Action Javascript (Note: Before running the component you will need to edit the connection string and point to the sample Northwind database).


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